Gustavo  Gonzalez

Gustavo Gonzalez

Oracle ACE Director, CTO,

IT Convergence

10 Myths vs. Reality about Oracle Cloud SaaS

The rapid growth and constant innovation of Oracle Cloud is leading to a large amount of uncertainty and certain misbeliefs. Most Oracle users share common doubts on security, while some even wonder if Cloud products are mature enough. Everybody is out to find which options are available to move their applications to the Cloud and what will be the actual cost of that investment. Topics included that will be discussed are: - Cost, reliability, performance, standards, compatibility, security and the myths behind them - International subsidiary support & the future of customizations - Options and requirements to understand your journey to the Cloud

Discovering the Power of Big Data in Oracle EBS with Endeca Information Discovery

E-Business Suite extension for Endeca allows to have Endeca Information Discovery components embedded into EBS simplifying how users navigate through the different ERP modules providing insightful information. It is time to explore more and discover your ERP data plus other sources such as third party systems no matter if they’re on-premise or in the cloud. We’ve successfully integrated information from Oracle E-Business Suite, major non-Oracle cloud sales software and 3rd party systems into EID empowering our executive team to discover and combine information on a timely manner without having to request IT. 

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