Oren Nakdimon

Oren Nakdimon

Oracle ACE Associate, Database Expert


Write Less (Code) with More (Oracle 12c New Features)

Oracle 12c introduced many new features that allow us developers to write less code than in previous releases, and become more efficient and productive. Some features, such as Row Limiting and Lateral Inline Views, enhance the SQL language, so SQL statements can become much shorter and more readable than before. Other features, such as Temporal Validity and In-Database Archiving, offer built-in functionality that previously had to be implemented by the application. Attend this session to learn about several of these new features, and see many useful examples.

How to Upgrade Your Application with no Downtime (and no Additional Costs!)

Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR) is a powerful and fascinating feature of Oracle (added in version 11.2), that enables application upgrades with zero downtime, while the application is actively used and operational. 
Join this session to learn how to use EBR, see many live examples, and get tips from real-life experience in a production site using EBR extensively.

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