Christian Berg

Christian Berg

Oracle ACE Associate

Dimensionality GmbH

50 Shades of #Fail - OBI worst practices in real life

Lists of "best practices" as well as "how-to's" on the subject of Oracle BI and all its facets are commonplace and often discussed. Real-life practices, however, are a completely different story. What happens when implementations go astray or dogmatically follow half-knowledge, misconceptions, or conveniently cheap shortcuts? Learn about recurring pitfalls, their origins, their impacts, and most importantly their remedies in an entertaining fashion. However bad you thought your project was, you’ve seen nothing yet... 
Turning the standard best-practice/how-to presentation format on its head, this presentation will look at some real-life OBIEE implementations and where it all went wrong. We’ll look at the worst, the weirdest, the most absurd and the wackiest ways the Oracle BI tool is abused: 
- How did projects get to these points? 
- What were the original misconceptions? 
- How to counter these misconceptions? 
- Why are "it works" and "it fulfills the requirements" not only not enough but rather dangerous pitfalls? 
- Can I actually jeopardize the future of my BI system by choosing a cheap quick and dirty approach? 
- Is it ever OK to simply execute without comprehension? 
This session will give attendees a deeper understanding of the impact seemingly innocuous design and implementation decisions can have on the stability and success of an entire BI system. An end-to-end view of the stack will be taken, covering areas including logical modelling, analysis design, and architectural topics. The importance of a holistic view and an appreciation of alternatives will be emphasized as well as the need to understand, comprehend and reflect on the implications of a “best practice” being followed as well as the technology stack simply being misunderstood. 

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