Zohar Elkayam

Zohar Elkayam

Oracle ACE Associate, CTO


Exploring Advanced SQL Techniques Using Analytic Functions

Even though DBAs and developers are writing SQL queries every day, Analytic Functions still relatively remain unknown. This cool set of tools has been around since Oracle 8 (over 15 years ago) but still some people find it hard to utilize. 
In this session we will explore the common real-world usages for analytic function, and understand how to take advantage of this great and useful tool. We will talk about ranking based on values and groups, aggregation of multiple dimensions without a group by, inter-row calculations, and much-much more… Together we will see how we can unleash the power of analytics using Oracle 11g best practices and Oracle 12c analytic features.

SQLcl - The Next Generation of SQLPlus?

Introducing the new tool from the developers of SQL Developer: SQLcl – a new command line tool that will eventually replace SQL*Plus and all of its functions which has been around for over 30 years! 
In this session, we will explore the new functionality of the SQLcl, and use a live demonstration to show what SQLcl has to offer over the old SQL*Plus. We will use real life example to see what makes this tool such a time saver in day-to-day tasks for DBAs and developers who prefer using the command line interface. 

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